An “Oh My God…” Experience
10 Oct 2016

An “Oh My God…” Experience

The opposite of making someone have an

10 Oct 2016

The opposite of making someone have an “Oh my God, I can’t wait to tell someone…” experience…

Is giving someone a good experience.

An experience that is over the top is ‘tell-worthy’ because a good experience is expected.

That’s where word of mouth kicks in.

What usually happens is most people that have businesses, or events, or services, or ideas… know that BAD experiences spread fast… so their goal is for their stuff not to be bad.

And it ends up being good enough.

But not, “Oh my God, that was great.”

Nobody talks about good.

I ride Uber from time to time, and for the most part your driver comes, picks you up, makes small talk, then drops you off.

Ba-da-boom… ba-da-bing.

But the other day my Uber driver – Thomas, who ran a Chevy dealership before retiring after 30 days, totally changed my Uber experience.

When he pulled up, he rushed out of the car, opened my door with a smile, had a tray of several types of water, chips (veggie chips too), candy… and a silver bucket of bottled water chilling on ice all in the back seat.

He asked was the temperature okay, before asking what my favorite station was… then changed to the station. His demeanor was pleasant and we had great conversation.

Although the ride was 15 minutes tops, I got to know a lot about him, his grandkids, and the fact that he has a 2 ½ foot owl that lurks in the woods behind his home. (He showed me the picture.)

I’m horrified of owls by the way.

The price came to $15 bucks and some change… and all I had in my pocket was some loose change and a $20 dollar bill – which I handed to him as a tip without thinking about it twice.

I’m not saying that all Uber drivers should put this kind of time, effort or forethought into each person they picked up – but boy, what an experience.

Imagine if hotels did this, or you went to an event and EVERY SINGLE DETAIL was thought out like this?

Your event would go from being ‘good’ to being… “Oh my God… this is dope!”

The question is… are you good.

Or, “Oh my God.”

If you’re good, are you willing to stop?

Word of mouth virality doesn’t come from good.

And it never will.

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, share.

Also, have a great weekend and always be curious about other people.


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