Death & Making A Difference… (You Can Change a Life!)

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Death & Making A Difference… (You Can Change a Life!)


It struck someone I knew last week.

We all have our finish line.

You do. I do. Donald Trump does.

It’s the one thing we all have in common.

My question though… what is life really all about.

Is to love our families? Is it to create? Is it to have experiences?

Because in the grand scheme of things, our time here is short.

One day you’re chilling watching NFL network.

The next day – BAM. You’re dead.



I was raised in the church, and probably spent more time there than anywhere else (besides school) as a kid.

But as a 40 something, I’m not super Bible-thumping religious person per se’.

I don’t believe in cults, or Tom Cruise’s scientology either.

But… what I do know is this.

No one knows exactly what happens next. After we die.

Not Christians, not Muslims, not Buddhists. Not Creflo A. Dollar.

No one REALLY knows. We can believe what we want, but if you haven’t experienced it… you really don’t know.

And that’s kinda scary.

I saw a phrase on Instagram: You’re not here for a long time, you’re here for a good time.

Interesting perspective.

I think we’re here for a good time too… but in my heart of hearts I feel we’re here to make a difference.

Everyone reading this has the ability to make a difference.

You don’t have to cure AIDS, solve homelessness, or find Tupac & Biggie’s killers – but you can make a difference.

And not make a difference a la Steve Jobs.

But you can make a difference for one person.

Not a million.

Or a thousand.

Or a hundred.


Because when it’s all said and done – you want it to matter that you were here.

At least I do.

I’ll admit something that I haven’t admitted publicly since – well, ever.

I’m scared I will fail.

In business, my relationship, as a Dad, and as a person.

I’ve been afraid of what others will say. (Or have said…) I’ve been afraid that I might be wrong, and sometimes I’m afraid that I’ll get cancer again.

And that’s ok.

What I will not do is give up.

What I will do is bust my black behind to get mine.

And show as many folks that will listen exactly what I learned in the process.

That’s my way of making a difference.

You have a finite numbers of days on God’s green (mostly blue) earth.

Don’t waste them.

And don’t let nobody else waste them either.

And while you’re here…

Make a difference.


An “Oh My God…” Experience

The opposite of making someone have an “Oh my God, I can’t wait to tell someone…” experience…

Is giving someone a good experience.

An experience that is over the top is ‘tell-worthy’ because a good experience is expected.

That’s where word of mouth kicks in.

What usually happens is most people that have businesses, or events, or services, or ideas… know that BAD experiences spread fast… so their goal is for their stuff not to be bad.

And it ends up being good enough.

But not, “Oh my God, that was great.”

Nobody talks about good.

I ride Uber from time to time, and for the most part your driver comes, picks you up, makes small talk, then drops you off.

Ba-da-boom… ba-da-bing.

But the other day my Uber driver – Thomas, who ran a Chevy dealership before retiring after 30 days, totally changed my Uber experience.

When he pulled up, he rushed out of the car, opened my door with a smile, had a tray of several types of water, chips (veggie chips too), candy… and a silver bucket of bottled water chilling on ice all in the back seat.

He asked was the temperature okay, before asking what my favorite station was… then changed to the station. His demeanor was pleasant and we had great conversation.

Although the ride was 15 minutes tops, I got to know a lot about him, his grandkids, and the fact that he has a 2 ½ foot owl that lurks in the woods behind his home. (He showed me the picture.)

I’m horrified of owls by the way.

The price came to $15 bucks and some change… and all I had in my pocket was some loose change and a $20 dollar bill – which I handed to him as a tip without thinking about it twice.

I’m not saying that all Uber drivers should put this kind of time, effort or forethought into each person they picked up – but boy, what an experience.

Imagine if hotels did this, or you went to an event and EVERY SINGLE DETAIL was thought out like this?

Your event would go from being ‘good’ to being… “Oh my God… this is dope!”

The question is… are you good.

Or, “Oh my God.”

If you’re good, are you willing to stop?

Word of mouth virality doesn’t come from good.

And it never will.

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this. If you did, share.

Also, have a great weekend and always be curious about other people.


One Simple Reason Why Men Are 10x Smarter Than Women

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Then he created a bunch of other stuff.

Then he created man.

And then…

He created woman.

Since then, neither God nor man has had a single day of peace and quiet.

And to think women are referred to as the ‘fairer sex’.

I think people feel that way because they burn candles, wear Victoria’s Secret lotion and they’re always telling men to put the toilet seat down. Even though I don’t understand why leaving it up is such a big problem.

My question is this – is it that hard for them to put it down? Or, are women all over the world walking into the bathroom not looking at the toilet before they sit down and falling in?

Over and over.

What’s so hard about flipping it down and sitting? Why do they make it a point to tell us we’re inconsiderate? If that were me, it would take one lesson. One cold wet bottom. After all, men learned to put the seat up to avoid being yelled at for peeing all over the seat.

Yanno what? acheter du cialis en ligne I’m not putting the toilet seat down any more. I’m taking a stand.

Back to my point – women have always been called the fairer sex.  After over 40 years on God’s green (mostly blue) earth, I’ve finally figured out an area where men are years ahead of women.

I was in at Tin Lizzy’s Saturday before last and a friend of mine realized she lost her phone. Imagine the look of fear in her eyes when she realized she couldn’t text, Facebook, get on Instagram, Tweet or hold her phone out in front of her face to take at least 3 selfies, and a picture of her tortillas and queso dip.

The search was on.

After walking to the bathroom and going back out to the car – she decided she was gonna dump her purse out on the table to see if maybe it was in the bottom of it.

First of all, her purse was the size of a duffle bag.

What happened next – you probably won’t believe.

Her phone wasn’t in there, but I had no idea the duffle bag would be pack with…

Makeup, gum, hair ties, lip stick, lip gloss, money, half a box of raisins, birthday cards, dried up gummy bears, a spoon, a pair of flip flops, dozens of receipts, birth control, sun glasses, a pack of Kool Aid, an undeveloped roll of film, a pack of oat meal, a mirror, a mini bottle of Rum, pepper spray, an old high school ID card, a fake engagement ring (she called it a decoy ring), aspirin, a pack of ketchup, a little bottle of lotion, paper toilet seat covers, a New Testament Bible, a tape measure, her sorority paddle, a wig, a half-eaten lemon pepper wing, a red thong inside a plastic bag, and a Gnome.


A Gnome.

Her purse was like a time capsule of random.

Now I have a question for you ladies…

Are most women’s purses like this?

The only thing missing was a California roll of sushi, a cabbage patch kid, and a note of her telling her high school sweetheart that he wasn’t her first.

With her fast self.

Then it hit me.

Men are much smarter. We don’t need all that randomness. We need three things.

Our wallet in our back pocket. Our keys and cell phone in our front pocket.

We don’t need our whole lives with us. We keep it simple. We are more civilized than women. We are smarter. We are greatest.

So – women you can have your nice smells. You can keep your fancy decorative initialed towels in the guest bathroom that nobody can use. You can keep all those odd shaped frilly pillows on the bed that get in the way when you’re trying to go night-night.

We have our wallets. We have our keys. We have our phones.

And they’re in our pockets.

So ladies, we are the champions.

Now excuse me while I go take a leak.

And I’m leaving the toilet seat up.