Death & Making A Difference… (You Can Change a Life!)
02 Nov 2016

Death & Making A Difference… (You Can Change a Life!)

Death. It struck someone I knew last

02 Nov 2016


It struck someone I knew last week.

We all have our finish line.

You do. I do. Donald Trump does.

It’s the one thing we all have in common.

My question though… what is life really all about.

Is to love our families? Is it to create? Is it to have experiences?

Because in the grand scheme of things, our time here is short.

One day you’re chilling watching NFL network.

The next day – BAM. You’re dead.



I was raised in the church, and probably spent more time there than anywhere else (besides school) as a kid.

But as a 40 something, I’m not super Bible-thumping religious person per se’.

I don’t believe in cults, or Tom Cruise’s scientology either.

But… what I do know is this.

No one knows exactly what happens next. After we die.

Not Christians, not Muslims, not Buddhists. Not Creflo A. Dollar.

No one REALLY knows. We can believe what we want, but if you haven’t experienced it… you really don’t know.

And that’s kinda scary.

I saw a phrase on Instagram: You’re not here for a long time, you’re here for a good time.

Interesting perspective.

I think we’re here for a good time too… but in my heart of hearts I feel we’re here to make a difference.

Everyone reading this has the ability to make a difference.

You don’t have to cure AIDS, solve homelessness, or find Tupac & Biggie’s killers – but you can make a difference.

And not make a difference a la Steve Jobs.

But you can make a difference for one person.

Not a million.

Or a thousand.

Or a hundred.


Because when it’s all said and done – you want it to matter that you were here.

At least I do.

I’ll admit something that I haven’t admitted publicly since – well, ever.

I’m scared I will fail.

In business, my relationship, as a Dad, and as a person.

I’ve been afraid of what others will say. (Or have said…) I’ve been afraid that I might be wrong, and sometimes I’m afraid that I’ll get cancer again.

And that’s ok.

What I will not do is give up.

What I will do is bust my black behind to get mine.

And show as many folks that will listen exactly what I learned in the process.

That’s my way of making a difference.

You have a finite numbers of days on God’s green (mostly blue) earth.

Don’t waste them.

And don’t let nobody else waste them either.

And while you’re here…

Make a difference.


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