Learning to Walk – How Your Words Control Your Destiny
02 Jan 2018

Learning to Walk – How Your Words Control Your Destiny

Last week, I was with a client

02 Jan 2018

Last week, I was with a client teaching them how to do a webinar.

As he struggled I caught myself saying, “Sometimes, it seems hard, huh?”

After catching my words, I said, “It may feel difficult right now but it’s going to get easier & easier and easier the more you do.”

Before the session ended he’d made great progress.

The other day I took a line from Shakespeare and rewrote it:

“Nothing is easy or difficult until thinking makes it so.” Think about babies.

I’ve never heard of a parent who told his infant that walking is difficult. Can you imagine how stupid it would look: “Son, pretty soon it’s going to be time for you to walk.

And let me tell you, it’s really hard.

It’s really difficult. You’re going to need to work really hard on it if you want to learn how.” Sound crazy?

Yet, everyday coaches, parents, teachers, and friends tell you that what you’re working on doing is hard, too hard or difficult.

Did the baby put in a lot of “hard work” to learn walking?


The baby sees people walking, they start to crawl, eventually pull themselves up, and BAM – steps.

It’s not hard – no matter how many times he falls.

As I look back over the years, everything I got good at could be lumped under the category of “hard work.”

But if I really take the time to think about it, the “hard work” wasn’t “hard.”

I was having a blast.

I was doing and am still doing what I love to do.

Writing a book is hard – according to most. Yet, it’s really isn’t hard when the words are pouring out of you.

Teaching a seminar or class is hard – but then again, it isn’t when you know your ISH & you’re flowing.

So here we are in another New Year.

Are you going to make it more difficult than it already is by telling yourself that it’s hard?

That’s the question and the challenge.

The truth is whatever you’re good at now, at one time, you weren’t.

Tell yourself it’s a process and enjoy it.

It’s not hard unless you say so.

The power is in your words.

Oh, & Happy New Year.


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