Lost in Love; One Terribly Simple Way to Find Your Sweet Spot
20 Sep 2016

Lost in Love; One Terribly Simple Way to Find Your Sweet Spot

Have You Ever Been Lost In Love?

20 Sep 2016

Have You Ever Been Lost In Love?
Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
Henry David Thoreau

Remember your first love? Remember when your heart would flutter at the thought of their names? Remember when you drew little hearts with arrows through them, and the rest of the world faded when you were with them? Remember when you would get so wrapped up in them that your phone conversations would go on, and on? Minutes turned into hours… and hours turned into – “You hang up first. No, you. Noooo, you. Okay at the same time!”

When Mark Zuckerberg was developing Facebook, he would go entire days working on his dream – forgetting to eat, and only sleeping in spurts. His love & passion for Facebook was so strong that he would lose all sense of time.

He was lost in love.
I used to be like that playing John Madden football on the PlayStation. It’s a pitiful shame that I’m admitting that… but hey, I’m over it now. But during that period in my life, I would play John Madden for entire weekends, or nights after work – instead of doing things that really mattered, like learning, or possibly working out.
Looking back, I now realize it wasn’t really John Madden football that I was really crazy about. I was crazy about getting better at something. And after I reached the next level of competition, I was hell-bent on going to the next level. And the next level after that. Could I execute a play better than my competition, consistently? The game was just a conduit for me to feed my hunger for a challenge and my thirst for going to the next level of competition.
When I finally applied that to my writing, consulting, webinars, and business in general – things started to take off. That’s where I thrive. That’s where I got lost in love.
So here’s my question. 

What is it for you? What causes you to get lost in love? What is it that you do for hours on end? What can you do and lose track of time? 

Maybe it’s decorating kids birthday parties. Or maybe you’re excellent with pets, and love being around them. Maybe you have a passion for fashion. 
Whatever it is, don’t just look at the physical activity of what you’re doing, but look at why you’re so enthralled with doing that. Find out what gets you lost in love, then figure out exactly why.
And that, my friends, is be your sweet spot. 


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