You learn a LOT reading the Bible
29 Nov 2016

You learn a LOT reading the Bible

You learn a LOT reading the Bible.

29 Nov 2016

You learn a LOT reading the Bible.

As a kid I spent 3-4 days a week in church.

Learning everything I needed to know to be a good Christian young man.

But now I”m a grown man who does marketing for a living, so I look at things a lot differently.

And since I spent SO much time getting to know the book from which all righteousness flows… I want to talk about the Bible.

As a marketer.

First of all, there is NO book other book on God’s green (mostly blue) earth that has been marketed as well as the bible.

Think about it, the King James version of the Bible has been around for over 400 years.

And it’s STILL, to this day the most talked about book ever.

Every single day – someone, somewhere, it sharing a parable.

Or a scripture.

Or a beatitude.

Someone is teaching about how it can change your life.

People are walking, door to door, to help you understand it the way they understand it.

What if you had a book that had that much pull?

You’d do pretty well right?

But what makes the Bible special?

Good vs. Evil

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
Republicans vs. Democrats
White People vs. People of Color
Biggie vs. Tupac
God vs. Satan

How does this apply to you and your business?

Do your ideal customers have an enemy?

Of course they do.

All you need to do is call out the enemy, line yourself up beside your customer, and fight the enemy.


This is probably the single biggest way to make your customers love you.

“A common enemy unites even the most bitter strangers.” ~Aristotle.

(I Googled that, so I hope its right…)

Get Their Skin in the Game

How many churches teach from the King James version of the Bible every day?

Thye’re not just reading it – they’re trying to convert anybody, and everybody who will listen.

And they are passionate.

Skin in the game = passion.

Preachers, deacons, choir directors, ushers, members – are all passionate about the message in the Bible.

So – how can you apply this to your business? How can you get folks IN IT TO WIN IT?

How can you create an opportunity for your customers (or fans or followers) to share your message?

How can your message unite?

Can you build a tribe?

You’ve seen it before.

Coupons, membership clubs, discount codes, share for profit and more. These are all marketing tactics that get your customers involved.

How can you get your people incentivized to spread your gospel?

It works.

It has worked for years.

Think about your business, get creative and get it done.

Add them to an insiders club.

So earlier, I mentioned Preachers, Deacons, Ushers, Choir Directors and on and on…

How can you assign roles (and ownership) to your product or service? How can your tribe own a process?

Can you add ‘levels’? Can you share something with the really involved customers that you don’t share with avaerage customer?

Can you create a VIP experience?

When I was a promoter – this was beautifully done. We’d rope off a section of a club, charge $100 more, quadruple the price of a bottle of Ciroc and voila – people felt special.

You would NOT BELIEVE ME if I told you what I’ve seen people do to get into the VIP section.

For real.

In the VIP section, people really felt like they had an advantage over everybody else.

They felt special.

Did they?

Not really – it was perception. Separation.

A velvet rope.

But the feeling was what they paid for… so we created a VIP experience.

How does this relate to the Bible?

Well – preachers get to lead. Deacons get to make decisions. Choir directors get certain priveleges… and members have more advantages than non-members.

It’s all marketing bruh.

The Bible and the church experience is damn near the perfect marketing model to follow with business.

So – figure out how it can work for you and apply those principles to your business.

There are other examples you can look at, but, yanno – the marketers in religious groups are super successful.

For real.

And you can make a boatload of cash if you figure out how to work this in your business.


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