You Now Have Access
28 Oct 2016

You Now Have Access

A Dunkin Donuts recently opened around the

28 Oct 2016

A Dunkin Donuts recently opened around the corner from my house.

And they did as all new businesses do.

They hung ‘opening soon’ signs before they opened, and huge ‘now open’ marquee after they opened.

That works for Dunkin Donuts.

They have an established brand, and people love their donuts, coffee, and breakfast menu.

And you guessed it, have a long line of customers every morning.

But does the same work for your business?

When I was in college, we had to attend lectures – given by professors wearing blazers in an auditorium. We had to show up, sign in, and take notes.

If you didn’t show up, you didn’t pass.

These days, you can get an entire education without leaving the comfort of your home – for about 1/3 of the cost.

The same applies with seminars.

Once upon a time, you needed a hotel conference room, bagels, lights, a stage with a panel and a sound system.

Now, you have webinars. You can host or attend a digital conference on the other side of the country via an app.

Information is not valuable because it’s delivered in person.

A decade ago, access to information and stuff was harder so you had to show up.

These days, putting on a conference in a hotel, or teaching a class from a theatre is not enough. It has to be convenient for the attendees.

The customers.

The point…

It doesn’t matter what is taught or sold, can you deliver it to your audience exactly where and how they want it?


With a click or an app?


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